Inspiration Board: Rest, Refresh, Create, Repeat

Beautiful Hello Blog Inspiration Board Rest and Beauty

1. Stunning Landscape painting by Philip Govedare |  2. Lovely wall arrangement and beautiful artwork by Riikka Kantinkoski of the Weekday Carnival  |  3.  Beautifully rutistic wreath by Martha Stewart  |  4.  Beautiful fiber art by Kate Keara Pelen (seen on the Art Hound)

Hello everyone!

Does it seem to anyone else like “holiday” is really code for “do double the work in fewer days and with more people d

epending on you”?   There are moments when I just need to sit, relax, and and take the time to realize why we celebrate this beautiful Christmas season.   These days are a gift (even with all the chaos and excitement)!

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing these last two days, and it’s been amazing.   I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work creating and merry-making!

If you can’t take a luxurious day off right now you can at least get a bit of visual rest and inspiration from this lovely collection or art and design.

Have a beautiful and festive day!



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