A Beautiful Artsy Christmas: DIY Globes and Glass

Beautiful Hello DIY Christmas Globes and Glass

As you may know, I have two (completely adorable and energetic) little girls.  We put up our Christmas tree last week, decorated it with a bundle of shiny and glittering ornaments, hung lights and made our home into a tiny Christmas wonderland.  They love all of this like crazy, but what they love most (and ask to play with at least 10 times a day) is a classic glass and glitter snow globe.  My one year old is completely enchanted by it and I think that may be the cutest thing in the whole world!

So, a little Snow globe DIY may be in my future.  Want to join me?  Everyone loves a magical (and easy!) DIY project!

For a little inspiration, I did some blog hopping.  Aren’t these AMAZING?

These enchaining Christmas ornaments were create by:
1. Lara Robby: Country Living |  2. Julie Ann: Julie Ann Art |  3.  Wendy: Mother Rising   |  4. Lucy: Craftberry Bush  |  5.  Helena: Craft & Creative  | 6. Ashlee: My So Called Crafty Life


  • thank you! , I did my own DIY snow globes : I used mason jars and glass jars I had around the house and added some ornaments … (I just posted it) & for tomorrow: some DIY Christmas ball ornaments (plastic ones), I used inexpensive glitter and lace to decorate them because my little one loves playing with them (these ones won’t break) … BTW, my little one is in love with our glass snow globe too and I’m considering making him one with a plastic ball I saw last Friday at “Omer des Serres” … 🙂


  • Absolutely adorable!! It’s making sweet projects like these with little ones that make Christmas so special and memorable! Merry Christmas to you and your family- xo, Rococo Girl


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