Take to the Meadow: Assembleage Collage Artwork


Hello everyone!
Is this a busy week for all of you too? This season is so very exciting and lively, but it is also very, very full, and at times, a little tricky to juggle. Please tell me I’m not alone in this! Please say that you also have pine needles all over your carpet, only 1/3 of your Christmas gift purchased, and a batch of cookies yet to be made….

This year is especially exciting around our house because I (being a crazy person) signed up for three art shows this December. Three! so, yes, I have been creating and painting as fast as my little mind and fingers will let me. It’s such fun!

Here is one of my recent creations. I’m calling it Take to the Meadow because it reminds me of serene days in the country that feel limitless and beautifully peaceful. I grew up in the country, and though I’m a city girl at heart, there is nothing like a day spent exploring and playing in the woods or letting your thoughts run free with taking a long walk through a field.

Do you have a place or a memory like that?


This collage is 8.5 x 10.5 and is built on the most beautiful piece of walnut wood with fine papers, fabric, other beautiful and geometric details. Take to the Meadow will be available at the Indie Craft Holiday Market, in Greenville, SC, this weekend or at the Crafty Feast in Columbia SC on the 15th.

And with that, I’m off to create some more artwork!


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