The Artsy Lady: Beautiful Hello Holiday Gift Guide

1. Journey of a Teapot $28 created by Tatiana Kontouli  |  2. Gold Bottom Dish $42 created by Up In the Air Somewhere  | 3.  Dip Tease Cup and Saucer $36 from Reikokaneko  | 4. Custom Stamp from The Penny Paper Co.  | 5. 2013 Floral Wall Calendar $22 by Leah Duncan  | 6.  2013 Local Produce/Recipe Wall Calendar (Just bought this one!) $25 Liz Carver

Hello lovely people!

Out of all the gift guides I’ve put together, this one is the best (or maybe I’m just loving all these picks a little too much?)  Just look at those floral prints, and that dress, those earrings, and those mugs….!  Dan, if you’re reading this, just pick one and wrap it up and I will be a happy lady on Christmas day!

Before I started selling my work independently I didn’t realize just how much difference shopping can make.  To most people, it doesn’t really matter where you buy something:  Target, a craft fair, GAP, Wal-Mart, a small boutique, Etsy…  it all kind of feels the same.  But to an independent designer or small business it feels completely different.  Your $50 spent at a big box store won’t be missed in a thousand years, but to an independent small business, that $50 is literally their bread and butter.  That’s pretty cool.

Not to mention, every time I purchased something from an individual who is passionate about their work I get something extra amazing.  I get to see that smile and thankfulness on their face, or a little extra something in the mail (we shop owners love packaging and little thank you notes!)  That’s not only awesome, it’s priceless.

So remember to shop local and small as often as you can.  It will change your community, your gifts, and yourself for good.

7. Glass Diamond $45 by Meg A. Myers  | 8. elephant salt & pepper shakers, $48 from Jonathan Adler  | 9.  Pyrite Studs $42 from giantLION  |  10. Gold + Golden: Original Artwork Necklace $48 by Emily Jeffords  | 11. Kambut Earrings $62 by Seaworthy

12. Houndstooth iPhone case $35 by Mari Forssell  | 13. KOMO Neck Garland Scarf $45 from Brook Fung  | 14. Fine Art Floral Prints $30 by Kari Herer | 15. Lone Fir Dress $48 from Victory



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