The Artsy Man: Beautiful Hello Holiday Gift Guide

1. Bacon Fine Art Linocut Print, $20 by Ryan Keairns  |  2. The Explorer Tee $18 from Parachute  |  3.  Two of my favorites from the watch collection by TOKYObay  | 4. Letterpress Coasters Red $49 by Fabien Barral  | 5. Tilt iPad Case, $87 from Hard Graft  |  6. Moose Fine Ar Print by Amy Hamilton $24
Hey everyone!

Ok, let’s just be totally honest, men are so very hard to buy for.  Why is that?  I mean really?  The whole experience is especially challenging because men (usually) are so easy-going about the whole gift giving thing that I often think more about what to give my girl (who typically more choosy and opinionated… you know it’s true!).  Plus, there are far more feminine gifts available, so the choices are endless!  So then gift buying time rolls around and I find myself at the mall wondering what on earth is going on, hoping I’ll score something awesome.

But not this year!   This year we have so many handmade, independent designer, small biz, totally awesome options!  Dan, if you’re reading this, you still have to act surprised on Christmas day.  Ok?

To help me find some extra stellar items (from a guy’s point-of-view), I asked Gabriel from the Artful Desperado (another crazy awesome art blog) to add his favorite handmade, artsy-designery picks.  Check them out!

7. Gray wool felt leather coin wallet $39 by Sylvie Thiel  |  8. WALKER2011 handmade glasses, $150 created by Takemoto  |  9. Men Soap set, $20 from Right Soap |   10.  Handmade Envelope Laptop Case (free monogramming!) $168 Loray n Leather  |  11. Wood iPhone Case by CSERA surface design  |  12.  Valerie Bracelet $55 by Barrett Alley


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