New Assemblage Artwork by Emily Jeffords (moi!)

Hey Everyone!

In case you haven’t picked up on this by my crazy tweets, instagram progress shots, and general scattered-mindedness, things have been busy around here!  There are two exciting holiday markets coming up (more on them later), a super exiting Black Friday shop party (want to get your shop involved?  It’s free!), and today, I am sponsoring the Creature Comforts Gift Guide!  How cool is that?

I have been spending my days and nights creating and painting away like a crazy lady.  You know I love this, so even though I call it “work” and my “job” I’m in complete heaven doing it.

Here are two new pieces I finished a few days ago.  Collages are so beautifully challenging and exciting because I feel like there are countless options and combinations.  The challenge is finding the right elements, arranging them in a solid composition, and adding just enough visual excitement to make everything sing.  It’s not as easy as it sounds, but when it works, it’s the best feeling ever!

Both collages are currently available in my shop and would make total WINNER Christmas gifts.


Oh, and look!

Enter the code CREATURECOMFORTS at check out to get $10 off!   These necklaces make the perfect Christmas gift!

Check back tomorrow for the amazing “For The [Artsy] Man” gift guide with picks from Gabriel of The Artful Desperado.

Have a beautiful Day!


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