Affordable Artwork: Gift Guide from Beautiful Hello

Hello Everyone!

I love, I mean LOVE today’s gift guide.  What better thing to give beautiful, original, perfectly created artwork to your loved ones this Christmas?  I mean really…  Not only does it show some pretty meaningful thought and love on your part, but it’s a gift they will keep for the rest of their life (how is that for bang-for-your-buck?)

To help you find that perfect piece of artwork, I put together a little collection of pieces that I completely and totally love.  They are all currently for sale and under $200 (many under $100).  Links below.

Hint!  If you see a piece here that you just can’t live without (artwork does have that effect on people…) just “accidentally” email, tweet, pin, and message your hints to the world.  It will work.  Especially if you add the note “Man, I really would love to get painting #__ for Christmas this year….”

Happy gift planning!

1.  “Pink dots”, $124by Eeli-Ethel Polli |  2. Abstract Leaves, $38 by Megan Leong  |  3. Cliffs Digital Artwork, $80 by Marco Suarez |  4.  Festival in the Park mixed media collage, $80 by Emily Jeffords  |  5.  Ampersand, $54 by Jeff Sheldon  |  6. Robin Portrait, $30 by Kelly Mitchell  |  7. Book Art Carafe I, $117 by Paper Statement |  8. Melancholy Little Bird Wire Sculpture, $34 by Ruth Jensen  |  9. House Finch mixed media collage, $100 by Rachel T Robertson |  10.  Flowers for Amanda Claire, $200.00 by Lulie Wallace


  • Thank You very much for having my painting in this beautiful art collection! As a painter, I collect and buy art to, so I will go and look the other pieces, maybe I will find a perfect Christmas gift 🙂


    • I agree! I love admiring artwork created by someone else. It seems to have so much charm and character (especially knowing a bit about what when into the creation of the piece!)

      I’m so honored to feature one of your pieces! Happy (almost) holidays!



  • Thanks so much for featuring my painting! And yes, beautiful finds. I would be happy to find any of them waiting under my Christmas tree 🙂 Love that collage by Emily Jefford.


  • Thanks so much for including my painting in your guide! I would be more than happy to find any of these pieces waiting under my Christmas tree 🙂 Beautiful finds! Love your work too!


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