Afterglow Photo Editor: The reason Instagram looks so amazing these days


How many of you are on Instagram and take a multitude of photos with your iphones each day?  ME!!  In fact, tomorrow is my Instagram birthday (Is that even a thing?  Well it is now!)  It’s so very convenient and I really love the social, community aspect of Instagram.  It’s such a beautiful place to connect with people, to share your life, and to see what other people are experiencing.  I love sharing in-progress photos on Instagram and a little of the behind the scenes process of creating art.

Instagram does have a few filters to make your photos more artistic….  but, let’s be honest, they’re not great.  If that is all you’ve used so far, prepare to be amazed.  The Afterglow app is the 6th photo editor I’ve downloaded (I’m addicted!  Don’t judge me.), and I think it might be the last.  Its like a little photoshop on my phone, yet it’s totally user friendly and intuitive.   I love the customization and beautiful filters.  There are endless creative options!  This app was created by Simon Filip and costs .99 in the app store!  iPhone only for now.

So, download the Afterglow app, snap some photos, and let your creativity take over!  Oh, and let’s connect on Instagram!  Find me at @BeautifulHelloBog

Have you seen the new Instagram profile pages?   Love them!


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