Inspiration Board: Feather and Gold

There is something so inherently beautiful and delicate about a feather.  Each feather has a story and a unique character full color and grace.  They float through the air like a whisper and create such a  stylish splash with the stunning colors and pattern these feathers sport.

I hope these images you inspire you as much as they do me!  I’m looking forward to trying a few feathery projects in the near future!

1. DIY Painted feather mobile from Needle and Nest Design Blog  |  2. Gold Feather Ring ($10.50) designed by Shelley Haines  | 3.  Closed feather wallpaper designed by Tracy Kendall  |  4.  Visual treasures!  Feathers in glass bulbs from Dwell Studio. These would be a stunning twist on Holiday decorating, but I’d love to have these in my home every day of the year.

And just to put an extra feather in my cap (Ok, yes, that was completely cheesy) I’m sharing this adorable Craft Workshop video by Sam Dubeau


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