It’s been a year and it all began with Donna Walker

Happy blog birthday!!!
My goodness, I cannot believe this year has gone by so quickly (and yet, it feels like it has been ten).  One year ago yesterday Beautiful Hello Blog began!  I am beyond thankful for you, my dear readers.  You encourage me more often than you know, I have learned so much, and met so many wonderful people this past year because of this blog!  I hope you all have been inspired as much as I have.  This is such a great community.  I value every one of you.  Thanks for making this blog a part of your creative journey!


One year ago I featured artist Donna Walker (the first ever Artist Showcase post!)  Donna is fabulous, her work is memorable and beautiful created and I feel like Donna’s work deserves a second look!  But let’s be honest, most of you didn’t see that first post (which may be a good thing….  It’s a bit rusty!)   I was delighted and surprised to find Donna’s work in a local Charleston gallery!  Made my day when the shop owner, another gallery visitor and I got into a conversation about art and Donna’s painting.  See? Artwork brings people together!


I love the thick, clean strokes of paint Donna Walker uses as well as the warm and vibrant colors.  She paints in a very organized and almost graphic style that is so vibrant and eye-catching.   If you would like to learn more about Donna Walker and see her work (and goodness, is there a lot to see!) head over to her site and shop.

Have a beautiful day and be sure to eat a cupcake to celebrate the Beautiful Hello Blog birthday!


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