“Festival In the Park” collage artwork by Emily Jeffords

Hello everyone!

I’m pleased to introduce you to “Festival in the Park” a fine art collage.  I love the grid pattern in the background (remember that DIY?), the little flags, and the little gold ring construction on the side.  So unique and so eye catching!

Ok, so I’m going to put this out there (forget social graces) and just say that I LOVE this landscape painting!  I love the fading on the “grass” and the overall minimalistic design and shading….  This little guy was so fun to create.  It’s amazing what a difference quality paper makes when working with watercolor or ink!  If you have ever tried painting on not-so-great paper, you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about. Somehow the painting looks completely uninspired, messy, and boring even though you paint it with skill and nice paints.

I painted about 10 landscape ink paintings.  Some on super nice paper, some on paper I thought was nice but ended up being an impostor!  Those little guys are never leaving my studio and may become confetti at some point.  My favorite paper is Strathmore Imperial 500 Series Watercolor Paper.  It’s nice and thick and holds up to water and pigment beautifully.


“Festival In the Park” will be in my shop within the hour!   It is a 5×5 collage built on a tin frame and made from fine papers, fabrics, watercolor and ink.  It can stand on its own on a shelf or be hung by a small nail.  This collage may be small, but it commands attention with its intricate detail and bright colors. $80

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