Inspiration Board: Wishing for a Fall Day

Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year!  The weather in Charleston has actually stated to cool off a tiny bit, so maybe, just maybe the leafs will think about changing colors?  We shall see.  In the mean time, I have been enjoying all the lovely “fall” pins on Pinterest and the yellow and gold toned pieces of artwork seen on the web.  There is just so much talent out there!  Really, creative people never cease to amaze me.  There is no end to what a creative mind can come up with (whether it’s an artist, scientist, mechanic… ANYONE can have a creative mind.)

This little collection is so simple and holds so many of the autumn tones and colors I’ve been missing this year.  Enjoy it with me!

1. “Abby” oil painting by Lulie Walace  |  2.   2013 Floral Wall Calendar designed by Leah Duncan  |  3. Beautiful Halloween Printables via Love Obsess Inspire Blog  |  4. “Autumn River I“, acrylic and molding paste, by Lauren Adams

’til next time!

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