A Bundle of new Pen + Ink Paintings by Emily Jeffords

Hello again!

I took the day off of blogging yesterday to paint, paint, paint.  And I’m pleased to say I started and completed 25 paintings.  Ok, so some of them are seriously a centimeter in height…  But hey, that’s still progress!  I’ve taken a couple of weeks off of creating like a crazy person, but that’s about to start back up again and I can’t wait!

The three larger paintings are going to become (very affordable) limited edition prints and greeting cards, the tiny paintings are going on necklaces!  How fun is my job????    Stay tuned for the finished pieces!

Oh a separate topic, have any of you ever watched Upstairs Downstairs produced by Masterpiece?  I was completely enjoying that show while creating these paintings and I swear I’ve been thinking in a British accent ever since.  It’s so lovely.


PS. To get the behind-the-scenes action (+ other amazing things I spot on-the-go) follow my on Instagram!  @BeautifulHelloBlog



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