Inspiration Board: The days are blue and beautiful

This inspiration board reminds me of poetry.  Artwork contains so much emotion and feeling (whether we realize it or not!) This collection is telling a story of life, it’s delicacy and beauty, it’s happy moments, and it’s sad, and about how the days are so meaningful, yet life is so brief.


My goodness, I’m feeling philosophical and deep today!

Oh, but for the record, if you make those bird cookies, you are welcome to any party I throw.  Please.


1. Botanical Light Drawings by Rinne Allen |  2. Happily Ever After Chalkboard custom made by Lindsay Letters  |  3. Cookie decorating DIY created by Camille Styles.  |  4.  Stunning photos of earth caught by NASA (first seen on A Cup of Joe BlogNow these really are visual poetry!


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