5 Fantastic Fonts for Designers + Blogger (and they’re free!)

1. Dotted Line from Honey & Death

2. Ribbon Font designed by Dan Gneiding from the Lost Type Co. (donation recommended but not mandatory)

3. CHE’s Bone font designed by Filiz Sahin

4. Dooodleista Family also by Filiz Sahin (What can I say? The lady is amazing?)

5. Infinity Font by Tarin Yuangtrakul

Designers, bloggers, DIYers, writers, tweeters, emailers… we all use typography every single day, so why not make your type look amazing? These fonts are a beautiful way to add your “signature look” to your blog or website. Pick one, pair it with a stunning match (simple/decorative, serif/sanserif) and voilà! you can have a fantastic design in a heart beat!

These five fonts are some of my faves. They’re all very well designed, feature great details, and are totally unique from other fonts in my Font Book.

Now, enjoy and DESIGN!


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