Driving to Greenville: New Oil Painting by Emily Jeffords




Well this is totally by chance, but while I was finishing up this painting, called Driving to Greenville, we actually made random plans to drive to Greenville!  Funny how these things work out sometimes…   It will be nice to see some actual fall colors!  Everything is completely green in Charleston.

Landscapes are so much fun to paint because they can easily tell a story.  They are all places that most people can relate to, regardless of whether or not they  have actually been there.  Landscape paintings remind me of poetry because the scene draws on the emotions and feeling of the place rather than the actually location.

I love this painting, “Driving to Greenville,” because it is full of lush colors and rich contrast.  Driving to Greenville is a 12×16 inch oil painting and is large (and bold) enough to make a real statement on your wall.   It is painted on Masonite board, so it’s very easy to frame and has an interesting textured surface (I painted on the back!)

Driving to Greenville is now available in my shop!


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