Designer Showcase: Drew Melton

Hey there!

I had grand intentions of doing a multi-designer typography collection today… but as I started searching for new and amazing designers, I stumbled across the work of Drew Melton, and all plans of a collection post vanished.  You guys need to see everything this guy creates!  Seriously beautiful work.

I very, very much appreciate Drew’s work ethic.  He starts with a sketch, forms that sketch into hand-lettered words that interact with each other beautifully, builds those words into a drawing with amazing shading, textures, swirls, swoops, and embellishments, then, digitally creates the typographic beauties you see!

That, my friends, is quality work.

Find Drew Melton on his portfolio site, blog, and Twitter

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a logo designed by this guy?  Or maybe a full wall chalkboard installation in my living room…?  YES!



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