Artist Spotlight: Interview with Jamie Lauler Solberg


I really love getting the back story and hearing a little of the thought processes of artists.  It is so enlightening and helpful as a creative person!
I am so pleased to introduce  Jamie Lauler Solberg to you!  Jamie is a landscape painter who uses subtle colors and clean brush strokes.  I love the deep, deep tones and warm neutral colors she uses in her landscapes.

But enough from me!  Jamie was kind enough to answer some questions for us!

What inspired you to become an artist?
I have been drawing/painting forever.  It has always been a part of my life. My Mom is an artist, so I guess I sort of followed in her footsteps. My first memory is getting a coloring assignment back from my 1st grade teacher that said “Messy” on the top. That broke my heart. My Mom sat down with me that day when I got home and helped me practice. That memory will always stay with me.

When did you begin painting landscape paintings?
I actually started painting landscapes about 5 years ago. My previous work has been mostly still lifes & nudes. There were also a few years that I got into old WW2 fighters. I wanted to try something different.

How do you get inspiration for your landscapes?
I take a lot of photos with my phone in the car. We travel to Wisconsin a lot, so there are always a lot of big skies to capture.
I also keep some inspirational color combos by my side to keep things interesting.

Do you have any advice on work ethic and practices for artists?
I think staying busy and always working even if it’s for an hour is helpful. I have a 4 year old a full time job, so it’s hard to find time. If I can steal away for an hour in the evening I always feel so much better than if I didn’t.
One more thing…If you don’t “have it” one day and the paint just isn’t flowing the way you want it to. Don’t be afraid to put the brush down and comeback to it later.

Check out more of Jamie Lauler Solberg’s work on her website and Etsy shop!


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