Inspiration Board: Warm & Creamy

Hello Beautiful People! I hope you’re enjoying this lovely fall day!

I’m a coffee girl to the core… the kind of person that really can’t even function without having my morning mug, so I’m eternally grateful to God for that tiny coffee bean. This inspiration board reminds me of a warm and creamy latte, or perhaps a coffee painting (have you ever tried that? Share your thoughts!) I love the delicate design in each of these pieces, the bold contrast, and the autumn hues. The perfect collection to admire on this lovely fall day (with, you guessed it, a mug of your favorite brew).

I so love the calendar deigned by Danni. The message really spoke to me and helped me be content with and thankful for every moment. I hope it encourages you this month as well!

1. Now this would be a lovely way to drink your coffee! Four Seasons Cup Set by Baily Doesn’t Bark (seen on Wantist) | 2. a truly beautiful and amazing Flower construction (#14) by Anne Ten Donkelaar | 3. Download your new calendar for October at Oh Hello Friends and feel refreshed every day | 4. I’m so in love with this Twins birth announcement designed by Print in Cursive! I love the colors and the typography… adorable.


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