Amber Sky: New Assemblage Collage by Emily Jeffords (mio!)

We got back from NYC last week, a took a few days off to rest and refresh (If you have you ever pushed a double stroller in a bustling city with uneven sidewalks you know why…) And then, I took a few of my NYC inspired ideas (so much visual wealth there!) and created this guy! I call this collage Amber Sky. I love the layers, the special details, and the simple and stunning pin/string geometric pattern. Check out that amazing handmade paper with the silver line drawing on it!

You can read more about Amber Sky in my shop.

Amber Sky
Ink wash landscape
Mixed media assemblage Collage on cherry wood, 5×5 inches

Have a lovely day!
PS. don’t forget to download your digital collage! Every day needs a little extra inspiration…



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