The Magical Thinking Gene: free printable


This month is Beautiful Hello Blog’s one year birthday! Can you believe that? What an amazing year it has been! To start the month off right, I’m giving away this collage as a free printable! Ya!!

I created this digital collage a several months ago, and this quote by Pilar Guzman, editor in chef of the Martha Stewart magazine, has stuck with me ever since.

I was selling this collage in my shop, but I have decided to offer it as a free download for the next month! I hope it inspires you to work hard, to dream big, and to attempt the unimaginable. So, download it, print it out, frame it, use it as place mats, doodle all over it, write down ideas on the back, use it as a binder cover, put it on your computer desktop…

Look at it everyday and just see what you can accomplish when you are a person with a vision, concentration, and confidence. You can do something unimaginable!


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