Inspiration Board: Everything’s Changing

Living in sunny, warm Charleston, SC, I really haven’t had to think to much about fall and cooler days at all yet… that is, until we went to NYC and I froze when it hit 55 one night and had to have a sweater on my arm at all times, ready in case we walked into shade or there was a strong breeze.  Wow.  I sound like a very old woman!

Even though we haven’t really gotten into autumn weather in my part of the country, I am looking forward to the warm colors and crisp air (and excuse to wear all my cozy layers!)

This inspiration board reminds me of that transition between summer and fall.  That one morning you wake up and the air smells different.  Crisp.  And you don’t want to get out of bed without a big mug of hot coffee to keep you warm.

Someday I’ll have that again.

1.  Spotted this pillow in Anthropologie (one of FOUR we visited while there – I’m obsessed…) and it is so stunning in person.  |   2.  Pink Roses by Mhairi McGregor, found on Pinterest via Julie Fillo   | 3.  Note pad and Thank You cards designed by Rifle Paper Co.

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