Inspiration Board: Geometry + Design


If you’ve been following this blog for a while I’m sure you’ve noticed the growing love the design community has for geometric shapes.  Seeing the order and the exact measurements that come into play in geometry and biology inspire so many artists and designers  (whether we realize it or not!)

These angles and patterns make so much sense to my creative mind, and, just maybe, the scientists and mathematicians can appreciate these designs as well?     I think the only way I can express my “love” for math and science is through design


Each of these pieces is for sale and totally affordable!  Holiday shopping is just around the corner!

1.  Sculpture, Bird with Hat & Crown Sculptures from BoConcept ($29)   |   2.  Aztec Brass Locket from Milly & Earl ($32)   |   3.  Screen printed Geometrical Pouch by CORIUMI ($52)   |   4. FUTURISTIKA geometric stainless steel necklace from Projekt Mosko ($48)


Have a happy weekend!  And be sure to follow along with our NYC adventures!!  Follow me on Twitter to see what we’ve been doing and some of the amazing things I’m spying around town.

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