NYC is Stealing My Heart

Do you remember months ago I mentioned our up-coming trip to NYC?  Well it’s finally happening!  This is my first time to the city, and my goodness….  it is amazing.  Really, how do so many people live in one place?  I grew up in and have visited many large cities in USA, and other countries, but New York City is a whole different world.   So exciting and inspiring!

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I’ve been doing a bit of research for this trip (me + two toddlers + two teen age girls = an adventure!)  but really, it feels like I need to spend a year touring and learning about the city to be able to take it all in.  We’re planning on taking a section of the city each day and just enjoying, shopping, eating, you know… being those weird tourists who snap photos way too often.

Any tips or places we MUST see or do?  I’d love to hear!


Check out these photographs by Timur Civan.  He used a 100 year old lens attached to a new digital camera.  The results are amazing!  I love the vintage feel and the modern subject matter.


  • High line trail, Chelsea market, The Spice Market restaurant is there too(kids will love) The brooklyn bridge is pretty fun to walk on as its so busy. Oh, I cant even think there is so much to do. I will be there in a week!! Have a great trip! Julie


    • Thanks Julie! The spice market sounds quite fun! We spend pretty much all of yesterday in soho and china town. That was fun! Central park & high line tomorrow, brooklyn on Sunday… It’s going to be fun! Have a great time on your visit too!!


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