Original Artwork Necklaces: The September Collection

So, you may remember me talking about the fabulous Indie Craft Parade (perhaps quite a bit…)?  My first collection of these lovely collage necklaces was scooped up faster than I though possible!  They were such a hit at the show (Thank you everyone!!)

Here is the “September Collection” of original artwork necklaces.   Each necklaces features an original tiny ink painting (check out the sneak peak I did a few days ago), then layered with fine fabrics, papers, string, ribbon, charms, lace, beads…  all the details that make each one of these necklaces completely unique and original (just like you!).  The charms are lovely antique gold and silver and measure 1×1 (or .3×1 for the tall, slender charms).


These necklaces are available in my shop.  Go check them out!  There are more photos of each necklace listed along with unique details and close up shots (I love my new camera!)


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