Inspiration Board: Enjoying the Little

I love watching my two little girls discover life.  They know so little and are learning so much.  It’s amazing to watch that discovery and to be reminded how awesome and wonderful life is.   They help me rediscover the beautiful and fascinating things in my day-to-day life.

Just yesterday, we spent quite a while chasing a grass hopper around the lawn!  Trust me, I would never have done that had it not been so much fun to watch the excitement on their faces and to hear the giggles the whole time.  We also found a butterfly sunning itself, several tiny flowers, many, many sticks (which had to be collected, of course), squires running around trees, a beautiful white egret, and a dragonfly.  All in all, a totally awesome nature walk.

So, yes, I’m thankful for my two “surprise” babies.  They are nothing short of blessings God knew I needed in my life!   I hope I can help them learn to appreciate and love life with every moment they’re given.  They’re sure helping me.

1. Precious painting,”Watch Me Go,” by Nancy Franke |  2. Simply sweet paper flower arrangements by Rebecca Thuss.  |  3.  “What If?” print designed by Vapor Qualquer  |  4. “Searching” drawn and designed by Lisa Golightly of Kiki and Polly


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