Indie Craft Parade Recap (Part 1)


Oh my gracious!  What a fun weekend!  I don’t know if I’ve ever smiled so much, talked to so many people, sold so much artwork in one weekend!  There was a line all the way down the side walk all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday!  Amazing.
This is a little tour of my booth at the Indie Craft Parade.  I was planning on having a four foot booth but got bumped up to an 8 foot table (not a bad thing!) so the display I designed prior to the show had to be stretched and thinned just a bit, but it was worth it because it showcased all my artwork at one time!

I’ll be doing a tour of the parade for you later on this week.  There were so many creative and passionate designers and crafts people at this event.  I snapped some fantastic photos of their work so that I can share it with you!  I will be traveling tomorrow, so look for a fab recap on Wednesday!


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