The Stars in Their Place: The process

Hello and happy Friday!

We have a pretty special weekend planned.  It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow so it will be a day full of happy little girl wishes and cake.  Lots of cake.  It’s so much fun being a mom!

I really want to take a day off tomorrow, like no artwork, no designing, no blogging…  nothing.  So, to prep for my day off, I worked on this assemblage last night!  Here are some progress photos.  Images of the final piece coming in a bit (after I finish it!).

I have always been fascinated with stars.  They are so magnificent and stunningly beautiful from earth and then to think that those tiny twinkling lights are enormous balls of fire…  How can we not be in awe?

This collage has a lot of symbolism and personal meaning.   It is a reminder that each life is precious and beautiful, but a reminder that we are so small and, yet, so very meaningful.

Stay tuned for the finished piece!


    • Thank you! I love geometric shapes, which always look a bit like star charts to me, so I decided to marry the two! I love adding a layer of meaning to my work, and the vastness of the universe and smallness of people is so beautiful to me. To imagine that God can see past all the hugeness of the universe and cares for tiny me…. I think that’s pretty beautiful.


    • hi! I was so bummed that blog brunch didn’t work in my schedule this month! next time… thanks for stopping by and following along on this artistic adventure! can’t wait to check out your blog too!


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