Art and Craft Show Prep: Booth Display

Well it’s almost time for the excitement of the Indie Craft Parade to start!  My busy little fingers have been creating like crazy!  This is seriously the best job on earth (for me).  And now it’s time for me to really think about my booth display.  This is so much fun you guys.

Of course the lovely Danni, from Oh Hello Friend always has a fantastic looking trade show booth! I checked out her blog for some inspiration as she is a pro at these things!

These are all booth displays set up for the Renegade Craft Fair (which I’m HOPING to be a part of in a couple months!  Fingers crossed + hopes high!)  Are these displays amazing?  Don’t you want to buy everything (Money grows on trees in my head).

This Urban Heirloom booth display is pretty awesome.  I love that there is no traditional table.  Tables are great, but they’re so static and don’t really use the space in front vere effectively.  Not an option for my booth set up at the Indie Craft Parade, but maby another show!  I DO, however, have some great vintage boxes to use!! Stoked!!

You’ve got to admit, this faceted design for the Nervous System booth display is pretty genius!  Looks cool and breaks down totally flat for transportation (such logistics we designer have to think about…)

I love this booth display by Marie Dae!  Such a good mix of clean design and vintage materials!  Her products are the star and I like that…

Have you ever been to an art or craft show like this?  What did you like about various booths (aka, what should I be SURE to do with mine?)


  • I immediately want to have my own stand at a craft show! Lovely photographs.

    For me as a shopper, the best thing at a craft show is if you can see most of the items without having to ‘enter’ the stall area – so many stallholders try to make the most of having three walls and use every space, but then as a browser I’m less likely to enter their area and get boxed in. I guess you want to capture people’s imaginations rather than physically capture them!


  • Just beautiful. Tips I’ve come across include remembering to price everything in case people are shy. And friendly little signs that explain a tiny back story to your product. Stacks of books make nice little raised stands. Also, I’ve had much success with selling cupcakes for a dollar alongside goods! Good luck! x


  • These pictures are so inspiring! I am about to have a booth at my very first craft show and felt overwhelmed about all the logistics!
    This post definitely helped me think out side the “booth” 😉 Would love to see more tips about selling at craft shows!


    • congratulations!!! your first craft show is always a learning experience (but then, they all are…) and sooo much fun. I hope all your planning and your booth design go perfectly! post a photo and send me the link! I’d love to see your booth!


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