Poppy Bundle: New oil painting by Emily Jeffords


I just love rainy days because I get to cuddle up in my studio and create and it feels so wonderful and cozy!  Yesterday I decided to paint these stunning poppy blooms!  I love poppies because they are so bold and dramatic, yet super delicate.  There are a few roads in North Carolina that are lined with thousands of poppies each year.  It’s such a beautiful site to drive by!  There are always families out taking pictures and I’m always so tempted to stop our road trip for a bit and join them!  Maybe next spring we will (wouldn’t that be the very best photo-op for me to photograph my two little girls!?)

Ok, but back to this painting…  It’s a 9×11 oil on canvas and took me pretty much all day to paint!  I wanted to paint something a little bigger (I usually work on 4×4 blocks) and I wanted to paint in a slightly more traditional style instead of my beloved fabric paintings.

I am seriously thinking about adding some sort of surface under the vase…  very simplistic and with very little colors (I’m rather fond of the stripes).  What do you think?  Is it weird that it’s just floating?  As soon as I decide I’ll place it in my shop!  There are many other treasures there as well, so feel free to stop by!


Check out the evolution of this painting:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I love these rich textures and colors….  my very nice camera can’t even capture it just right.


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