Artist Showcase: Joan Dumouchel


So we were walking along through down town Charleston a little while ago, minding our own business, and we were stopped dead in our tracks by this painting hanging in the window of the Martin Gallery!  This painting, “Marie-Paule”, has such presence and grandeur.  It is completely stunning!  The artist, Joan Dumouchel uses a mixture of mediums, such as acrylic paint + gold or silver leaf, to achieve her dream-link, ethereal pieces.  …You see why I had to snap these photos!

Joan is a Canadian artist with a very intuitive painting style.  Her figures are very large and theatrical, yet, full of quietness, hope, and thoughts all their own.

You can see Joan Dumouchel’s work in person on your next trip to Charleston at the Martin Gallery!  Well worth the trip (plus we have some crazy good cuisine and sites in our fair city).


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