Spanish Moss & Peanut Field: Commission Painting by Emily Jeffords

I so excited to show you all this painting!  A lovely lady from South West Georgia asked me to paint a landscape inspired by her local scenes: peanut fields, grand pines, tree lines in the distance, and Spanish moss.  I wanted to keep this painting warm and  fresh so I used a lot of color and had a ton of fun with the sky.  I’m off to Savannah to deliver it (and, let’s be honest, do some shopping too)!

This painting, which I’ve just been calling “Spanish Moss & Peanut Field” is 36 x 36 oil on gallery wrapped canvas and is going to look so great above the fireplace in this home!

A couple of my studio mates:  I call this little collage Uptown Hipster.  It’s so glitzy and a bit gaudy and I’m loving the hipster angles!  The little oil painting is a 4×4 landscape painted on pin stripe fabric!  So fresh and fun!


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