My New Online Shop & I Love Bigcartel

Some fun things have been happening around here!  One, I’ve been creating sooo many new pieces of artwork (photoshoot, blog post, and shop listings coming soon!!)  But seriously, I’m really, really liking my new collection of work.  I am also launching a new online shop!  I decided to switch from Etsy to Bigcartel for many reasons, but the most important to me is customization and the totally classy layout!  I haven’t even done anything flashy or stunning to my shop yet and it already looks 400% better!

I’m also totally impressed with the quality presented on Bigcartel.  So many of the shops are classy, stylish, and you can really tell the shop owners love and care for their online stores.  That’s huge.

You have probably been to a bigcartel shop and not even known it!  I’ve featured several items from bigcartel sellers in the past, and here are a few of my new faves!

1. Bloom Theory   2. Oelwin 3. Lazer Wood 4. Ink and Whit 5. Freshly Picked


See?  Better already!


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