Pablo Francis: City Scenes inspired by Brett Whiteley

Hello everyone!

Remember on Monday we saw the amazing paints and drawings of Brett Whiteley?  Well now I have the honor of showing you some work, created by Pablo Francis, that was inspired by Whiteley.  What a treat!  Pablo was able to be guided through an exhibition of Whiteley’s work  by his wife and muse, Wendy, shortly after his death in 1992.  What an honor and inspiration!

Pablo uses coffee washes in his artwork, along with lots of expressive lines (much like Whiteley) and takes great care in creating areas of detail and spaces of looseness and unpredictability.   His current series focuses on Rome, Paris and Melbourne, all famous for their love of coffee.

Pablo lives and works in St Kilda, Australia and is available for commission pieces internationally.  Check out his portfolio here.


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