Pinterest Inspiration: Bold and Beautiful


I know many of you are writings, artists, designers, creative souls, and bloggers who will hopefully understand and be able to relate to this!
Have you noticed that sometimes you can envision amazing things and make them happen without any effort or struggle, and then there are other times…  (times  like the one I had last night…) where you work on projects and you have no idea what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.  Just trying to muddle through until you come to that creative high again (and my goodness, it’s worth the wait, isn’t it?)

That is why I love this blog!  Posting everyday and committing to that schedule forces me to search for artwork, artist, designers, etc, that inspire me in some way.  Seeing their work and what they accomplished on their good days (because you know we allll have bad days) inspires me.  It helps me see things differently (isn’t that what art is all about?) and to become excited about creativity again!

I hope this blog does the same for you!  What other things inspire you when you’re in a rut?

Case in point, these stunning pieces of art and design above!  Wow!  Such amazing and bold colors these creators chose!  They are each radically different, but are so beautifully done, from beginning to end…  how could I not be inspired??


Link love:  (all found via Pinterest!)

Poppies by Kate Lewis fond via Christine Martinez on to the board HeArt

Julia Bastine pinned this amazing logo onto her “Design” pinterest board.  “Paskr Logo“, Designer: Ryan Paul Young

Emily Wetter pinned this illustration by Esra Røise onto her board; “Illustration”.

Sweet and whimsical wedding invitation set designed by MaeMae Paperia and pinned by Bronya Mulder onto the board “Weddings”


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