Artist Showcase: Brett Whiteley – bold lines make great drawings

“Art is an argument between what a thing looks like and what it means.” – Brett Whiteley

Brett Whiteley, famous Australian artist who had a life full of painting, drawing, traveling, exhibiting, and struggling with art.  His biography is full of outstanding exhibitions, awards, and honors…  he was the youngest artists to have a painting bought by the Tate gallery!  Yet even after years and years of being an artist, his pieces feel unpredictable.  They are all beautifully recognizable, but each piece has a little bit of a surprise to it.  As if Brett Whiteley wanted to shock himself with a new line or form.

I love the effortless brush strokes and lines Brett Whiteley uses in nearly all of his work.  His motions are fluid and his stokes bold.

Someday I hope to have this much confidence in my own hands and as much understanding of my brushes and paint!

1.  Interior Lavender Bay  2.  The Divided Unity  3.   Flowers on the Table

4. View of the Garden  5.  Rue du Victor Hugo

6. Magnolia and Blue and White Ching Vase


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