Pattern: The rhythm of our lives

I put together a little pattern collection on Pinterest so that I would have instant inspiration while I’m working on my collages.  I love putting a totally geometric and rigid shape along with all the natural woods, soft fabrics, and romantic landscapes.

I love how pattern add rhythm and structure to a space or artwork.  it’s like a consistent and dynamic beat on a fantastic song.     I began noticing how many stunning patterns surround me in my day-to-day life.  Shadows, lines, shapes…  it’s everywhere!

Hope these excite and inspire you to noticed the patterns and rhythms in you life today!

1.   “Featherland” in white, fabric designed by Leanne  |   2. Project New York photograph by Olmo Reverter  |  3.  Marimekko Ruutukaava Wallpaper sold by John Lewis  |  4.  Red star washi tape in traditional japanese pattern from Pretty Tape  |  5.  “Port Stanley #4”  photograph by Jennifer Squires Ross

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