Yellow Rose No. 2: A new painting by Emily Jeffords (mio!)


Hello!  If you can’t tell, I’ve been painting and creating like a crazy person lately.  Partly because I really want to (best job ever…) and partly because I have to get ready for up coming events!!  I’m so excited about all the doors that have opened up and are going to open up this year!

You guys are awesome.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement!  Being an artist is sooo rewarding, but it is not always fun and games, and it’s rarely easy.  I appreciate all the words of advice, criticism, encouragement, and love you shared on this blog!  You guys are the best!!

So, I painted this little guy last night (along with getting yellow paint all over the place… lovely) to coordinate with the other “Yellow Rose” painting I created a couple of days ago.   They’re not really a set, just a very cute couple.   4×4 inches, oil paint on lovely hounds tooth fabric.

BTW, a several people have asked when/where these paintings, collages, and necklaces can be purchased.  I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to be doing a shop relaunch in a couple of weeks and will have several of these pieces for sale then.  Stay tuned!


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