Wearable Art: Mini ink wash collage necklaces

Despite talking to my sister for TWO hours last night (which was awesome – girls just need to talk sometimes!), I couldn’t wait to finish these two lovely collage necklaces!  They are the first of many to be created (most likely, very late at night, accompanied with dark chocolate and coffee…)

I know I screamed this super loud on Facebook and Twitter (because I’m so freaking excited!) I will be exhibiting in the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC (September 7-9th – plan your trips now!!)  These, along with all the other pieces you’ve seen on here will be for sale there.

Things are getting so exciting around here!  I can’t tell you everything quite yet…  but I’m planning some big and wonderful events in the future.  It’s going to be an exciting year!

But, let’s get off of all that and on to these necklaces!!!  These babies are so relaxing to create!  I love the uniqueness of wearing an ORIGINAL piece of art on your neck.  These re not reproductions just stuck in a necklace frame…  oh no…  I spent several hours painting tiny little landscape ink paintings for these necklaces.   I think it’s worth it.  It makes them special.

A little How-To show is coming a little later this afternoon! 


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