Different Strokes from Different Folks: Assemblage Art

I find mixed media pieces (digital, paper, a totally random mix of material…) so very interesting.  The artist has a full range of artistic license and can use everything and anything to create that perfect piece.
If you do an oil painting, you kind of have to just use oil paint, but if you create a mixed media pieces you can use pretty much anything you can get your hands on!  Anything that works and makes your piece successful.

The hard part in a mixed media and assemblage art is knowing when to say “no”.  It’s far too easy to create a jumbled mess when there are endless elements you can add to the collection.  These three artists are perfect examples of why I love mixed media artwork!  Aren’t they lovely?


1.”Untitled” by Bea Mahan

2. “Celestial Mechanics” by Leanda Xavian of One Little Bird Studio

3. “A Brief History 6” by Valerie Roybal


celestial mechanics

http://www.flickr.com/photos/valerieroybal/6872512161/in/set-72157623881683549  by



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