Let’s rethink plants: Anthropologie + natural dyes

Oh my, they have done it again.  Every season the creative minds at Anthropologie come up with another outstanding display of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and a crazy good sense of design and composition.  This time I’m totally intrigued: natural plant dyes.  What a simple, earthy, natural way to get stunning colors on fabric and in artwork!  I’m intrigued and I so want to try this!!  Now to find some plans I can legally pick in my city (because my very tiny patio garden isn’t lookin’ so good!)….

Interested? (of course you are… you’re a creative soul!) check out this interview with Sasha Duerr (master plant dyer over at Anthropologie), as well as this website full of charts, tips, and helpful info!

Every time I go into an Anthropologie store I leave with about 10 new and super creative DIY ideas I want to try in my own home!  My one problem with that company is there is no store location in Charleston!  Ah!  I think I’m going through minor withdraws (minor only because I get daily emails and follow their pinterest boards…)  Anthro, listen up: Charleston, SC needs you!

Check out how they created these beauties!

I hope you are inspired!  These stunning window installations always get my creative mind going.

Happy Monday!

xox, Emily


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