Changing my opinion of blue


If you have been around here for a while, you probably have gathered that I’m really not a huge lover of deep, pure, blue… I don’t have a reason, blue has never done anything wrong to me, it’s just the way I am! BUT, I am learning to like it… and these pieces of beauty have totally convinced me all on their own! {I guess I shouldn’t make blanket statements???}

Aren’t these pieces stunning? So bold and unique! Just the way I like my art…

1. Lovely fiber and vintage assemblage created by Janick of Nea Wear. It’s like jewelry for your wall! | 2. Deep indigo bandanas take on a new, classy feel with this simple display! High impact, totally affordable art! Created by the Martha Stewart Team and seen on Apartment Therapy. | 3. Blue Plant painted by Samantha Lewis of Pencil Pop illustrations. I love the playfulness of this illustration, yet it is dramatic and formal at the same time!


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