Calder Inspired Wire Chandelier: what my fingers find themselves creating…


I created this chandelier out of desperation about a year ago.  We were living in the middle of the Texas desert, so far from an “art scene” it was about to drive me crazy!  My husband was stationed there for a short time, so we didn’t move all of our lovely things with us.  We figured we could rough it for a few months with basic furniture etc.  But, being the slightly art crazed soul that I am, I have to fill our little home with as much art as I could in a small amount of time.  This is one of the things I came up with super late one night.

I have been a huge fan of Alexander Calder for years and years.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing his work up close and personal many times, and each time I am amazed.  I know Calder is super well-known for his impressive mobiles (and trust me, they are impressive and wonderful) but I’ve always loved his wire sculptures the most.  They are so rustic and delicate and have such a beautiful drawn look to them.

I had Calder’s work in mind while creating this chandelier.  I wanted it to be elegant and delicate, yet completely fun and whimsical.  I love that the iconic shape of a chandelier is highly formal, yet this baby is anything but formal with its imperfect lines and curving candles…  I had fun creating this sculpture, and I’m still having fun looking at it today!  Hope you enjoy!!


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