From Here To There {part two}

From Here To There: round 2

Can you tell I’ve been enjoying these little guys?

The collage above was created on a richly stained piece of wood from my grand father’s wood shop!  I had a wonderful time allowing the beauty of the wood to shine (along with a few embellishments) and I’d like to think I defied all odd to get that awesome string design in place!  I didn’t want to use nails (to chunky) so I opted for sewing pins I had on hand.   A few dozen bent pins later, we have that pretty amazing little structure!

(Don’t tell the others, but I think this may be my favorite collage so far)

…but here is another beauty that I LOVE…

Orange + cream + gold: I love this combination.  Traditional, but a bit unexpected and bold.

…and this one:

Aren’t these colors amazing!  I love [LOVE] the teal blue + bright yellow shades in this piece.  I named it “Over Sweden” because of the stunning colors in the Swedish flag (teal blue and gold).  Now I am glad I never throw out bits of colorful fabric!

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