From Here To There: New Assemblage Artwork


I am more than excited to show my latest pieces of artwork to you!  I’ve been spending crazy amounts of time painting, cutting, gluing, making a huge mess all over my dining room…  I seriously feel a bit like a preschooler in art class.  BUT IT’S SO FUN!

Have ever done something that just totally excites you?  That is how I’m feelin’ right now.  Best feeling ever.

So these little guys are assemblages of ink wash paintings (remember them?), fabric, special bits of paper, string… really, what ever catches my eye at the time!  I love the combinations of textures and colors.   The collection is called “From Here To There”  then they each have their own subtitle with a little extra meaning.

This is just round one of the big reveal I mentioned on Facebook yesterday!  There are a couple more new collage babies I’ll show you a little later on today, and some new oil paintings I’ll introduce tomorrow!   Woo Hoo!
It’s like a party up in here!

More coming soon!!


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