Sherlock Holmes End Credits Artwork (it took my breath away)

Have you seen the latest Sherlock Holmes movie, The Game of Shadows?  The movie itself was outstanding, but what really stole the show (for me at least) were the end credits.  Seriously, the people over at Prologue are nothing short of genius.  They based the illustration and animation off of vintage magazine images (ones that would have been common in that era.)

There is a strong black/white dance going on, with a ton of dramatic contrast and emotion, combined with the delicate lines of an etching; the result of unique and impactful.   I love the use of motion in each “image”.  These designers and artists really know how to draw your eyes around the scene and use a simple splatters and lines to do so.

See for yourself!  I think I’ve watched these end credits about 12 times over the weekend.  No exaggeration.

Fabien Barral, of the Graphic-Exchange, did an interview with the prologue designers and got some pretty awesome inside information and special images!  Check it out!


  • Sorry to all the email subscribers! The video doesn’t work on the email form. Hope you stopped by the blog and checked it out. …..Because is completely awesome…


  • NP – Hi I was going to use this artwork for my AS art course, but I couldn’t find the artist, When I did search it, it came up with more that one artists but a different set of artists on different websites. Do you think you could confirm the artist/artists that did the artwork for the credits please.


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