Little Party Landscapes: New collages by Emily Jeffords (moi!)

I’m so pleased to introduce you to my newest creations!  I’m still searching for names….  (ideas???) but I’m pretty much in love with these babies.  They’re actually very relaxing to create.  I start with the little ink painting; layers and layers of effortless ink washes and quill strokes on watercolor paper.  Then, I get a large pile of scrap fabric, papers, and random bits out, and go to work making a massive mess all over the table and floor and covering my fingers in glue.

Just look at the metal frames!!   I love how they resemble canvases, yet are so industrial and shiny!  My husband and I spotted them on our trip to Savannah and they literally made my heart jump with excitement!  So… we bought up the whole stock (so, yes, you’ll be seeing more of these!)



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