Rose & Houndstooth: Oil painting by Emily Jeffords (moi)

“Rose & Houndstooth”  3×5 inch oil on crazy awesome fabric….  still fresh and wet from last night’s painting party!

Things I learned while creating this little gem:  It takes me, oh, about an hour of prep + painting time per square inch.  That’s a bit crazy.  Part of me wants to speed up and get it done fast, but another part is saying, “Emily, you’re going to mess this whole thing up if you go fast, so just slow down…”  (I think it’s my fairy godmother talking in my ear).
Another thing I learned is that it’s a bit challenging to paint over such a high contrast background!  I had to be sure my strokes were tick and solid and that my colors would steal the show.
And finally, it’s tricky painting on that surface because the little cotton fibers like to make everything look a little “fuzzy”.  Weird and unexpected, but true.

But, overall I’m in love with this new painting style and had a complete blast working on Rose & Houndstooth!  I’m quite pleased with how this little guy turned out!

Available on my website in a couple of hours!  $65


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