Artist Profile: Kiele Of The Sea

By now you may have probably figured out that I’m a bit of a watercolor enthusiast. So many shades and subtle tones… And all the lovely layers! And when an artist can combine this wonderful medium with other, well, that takes true skill!

Then, it becomes less about the actual act of painting (or drawing) and more about conveying the awesomeness inside of your head. As I’m sure you know, this is so much harder than you might think!
I recently met (via Etsy) a wonderful watercolor + mixed media artist, Kiele Gregoire, who uses her mediums expertly! She paints seascapes with such expressive details.

Kiele Gregoire was kind enough to answer some questions for us too!

What do you go to (or do) for artistic inspiration?
The Ocean! Or any form of nature. Whether taking a walk, looking at photographs, or just driving by, my mind becomes a harmony of calm and frenzy when by the sea. Also, Pinterest. It’s the ultimate place for finding sparks of inspiration, color, and passionate people.

When did you begin painting?
My mom is an artist, so I grew up creating and testing and wondering. I didn’t start truly “painting” until I was in high school though, which is where I realized that it felt necessary in my life.

What do you find most rewarding about being an artist?
Training myself to listen to my heart. Being able to visually express makes me whole. I need to work out my ideas and hunches, and I love seeing how they evolve. That works in real life too, not that it’s easy or that I always follow my own advice. Being visual is a whole other language that I can’t ignore. It allows me to explore and express in ways I otherwise couldn’t.


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