A Little Tea Dying Inspiration

Exciting things are about to happen all over my art table!  While in Savannah, I found some few and unique supplies that I find completely thrilling and inspiring!  I don’t want to give away all the surprises at once, but you can expect to see some new and interesting pieces of artwork within the next few weeks!  …I’m excited, to say the least.

To start things off, I have a great piece of black and white herringbone fabric.  It’s super stunning and the texture and weight is perfect…  but it’s just SO black and white.  I mean, it’s pretty dramatic.  So, I’m going to tone it down just a bit with a good old-fashioned tea dying.

The goal is to dye the fabric this afternoon, so check back tomorrow for a little how-to and for some tips!

1.  I’m loving this sweet little bird illustration “Red” by Amber Alexander  |  2. graphic and graceful art deco necklace from the The Whirlwind shop.  |  3.  Great example of tea dying done right!  Shabby Tea Slip Dress designed by  Stacy Leigh Atelier


  • We often used to dip our fabric samples in tea if they came back from the printer looking too bright and brash – the art was in the strength of the brew! Good luck.


  • What a fantastic idea! Should lighten that houndstooth up for summer… it can be such a ‘cold weather pattern’. Have fun!


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